Table of Contents

Foreword — David Osborn

Introduction: Engaging Occupy: An Introduction to Romantic, Practical, and Critical Perspectives — Renee Guarriello Heath and C. Vail Fletcher

Part 1: Situating Occupy Globally: the Cultural and Economic Context

Chapter 1: A Genealogy of Occupy within Transnational Contexts, and Communication Research — Priya Kapoor

Chapter 2: We are the 99 percent: Occupy and the Economics of Discontent — William Barnes

Chapter 3: Neofuedalism and the Financial Crisis: Implications for Occupy Wall Street — Majia Holmer Nadesan

Part 2: Local Interpretations of Occupy Portland

Chapter 4: Confessional Tales from the Field: Owning Researcher Methods and Positionality  — Renee Guarriello Heath, Ricardo V. Munoz, and C. Vail Fletcher

Chapter 5: Finding the Space Between: Participative Democracy, Consensus Decision-Making and a Leaderful/less Movement — Renee Guarriello Heath

Chapter 6: Globalization from Below: Discourses of Horizontalism, Direct Action, and Violence — Ricardo V. Munoz

Chapter 7: (De) Colonization and Collective Identity: Intersections and Negotiations of Gender, Race, and Class in Occupy — C. Vail Fletcher

Part 3: Re(presentations) and Revelations: Occupy Mediated

Chapter 8: Violence, Bias, or Fair Journalism? Understanding Portland Media Coverage of an Episodic Protest  — Jennette Lovejoy and Keeler Brynteson

Chapter 9: An “Official” Account: Delivering Occupy Portland’s Eviction Notice  — erin daina mcclellan

Chapter 10: Interconnected Discontent: Social Media and Social Capital in the Occupy Movement– Doug Tewksbury